Posted by: willblog4brides | February 5, 2009

Top 5 Tackiest Celebrity Weddings

5. Mariah Carey & Tommy Mottola: Mariah’s 1993 wedding to Sony music mogul, Tommy Mottola was actually modeled after the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana – featuring a 25-foot train on Mariah’s gown, and a replica princess tiara on her head. Like the dress, the marriage also went *poof* a few years later.

4. Katie “Jordan” Price & Peter Andre. Not to be outdone by Mariah Carey, Jordan’s strapless pink wedding dress was flanked by a 25-foot train. To further the pink theme, the couple was carried off in a pink pumpkin-shaped carriage after dancing the night away to a recording of themselves singing ‘A Whole New World.’

3. Britney Spears & Kevin Federline: For their 2004 ceremony, the bridesmaids wore matching tracksuits emblazoned with the words “Maids”, while the groomsmen wore tracksuits labeled “Pimps.” For the reception, guests dined on chicken wings and hamburgers washed down with booze from the cash bar.

2. Star Jones & Al Reynolds: Speaking of pimps, former The View co-host, Star Jones gave numerous publicity shout-outs and on-air plugs to her wedding vendors during the lead-up to her lavish 2004 wedding to Al Reynolds. As a result, Star and Al received several cost-savings, and their 500 guests each received a personalized LL Bean canvas grab bag that included such goodies as fragrances, makeup, jewelry, clothing, shoes, video games, bibles, gym certificates, and more.

1. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee. After dating for four days, this couple got hitched on a Cancun beach in 1995, where Tommy wore swim shorts and Pam wore a white thong bikini. Rather than exchanging wedding rings, Pam had Tommy’s name tattooed around her ring finger, while Tommy had Pam’s name tattooed on his “down-there drumstick.”

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